Economic Recovery?

  1. Hello all,

    I am curious if you all are seeing any improvement in the occupational health front due to economic recovery?

    Many OHN's have been displaced, replaced with temp agency staff, or no longer considered a needed "expense" for many industries. I am hoping things are improving and wondered what you all think?
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  3. by   occrn21
    I started my new OHN position at a manufacturing facility in January of this year. I would like to think things are improving on the OHN front. Not sure how things look nationwide.
  4. by   purplechicxiii
    I just hope OHN is looking really good coz I would like to pursue such specialty in the future.
  5. by   rckirby
    Even though I'm 'contracted' through a national agency as an 'onsite' nurse, I am bringing much more to the table than the previous nurse who basically just pushed S/A, Health Insurance and W/C paperwork. They had spent hundreds of thousands each year for OFF-site physicals, audiometry, spirometry,drug testing, etc etc.

    I convinced them in my interview that it could be done in house a hell of lot cheaper. I'm currently in the process of acquiring the equipment I need (EKG, lab accounts, BAT, spirometer, audiometer/hearing booth etc etc)....times that by 2 (I cover 2 plants) and its STILL cheaper than the outside companies.

    I hope to discuss various things with fellow Occ Health nurses!
  6. by   Nurselizy
    I worked as OHN for manufacturing company for 4 yrs, and was laid off suddenly in 2010.
    Never thinking i would be lucky enough to land another job in Occ Health, I accepted
    a position at a local clinic. The following year I was hired at a large facility after the
    nurse retired (30 yrs with co.)! Out of 150 applicants only 4 of us were interviewed!
    I have to admit that having all certifications: OSHA, Case Management, Audiometry, Spirometry,
    etc, were detrimental to me being chosen!!