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  1. Hi..This week I have an interview for a rn position at a large finance company...The role will be teaching wellness promotion to employess--and treating non work realted injuries..such as headaches..etc...I am just not sure what exactly this role entails--when working as a nurse in a corporate setting..any ideas or info greatly appreciated..thanks
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  3. by   CyndieRN2007
    I am a OHN for a large corporation. It is a beef processing plant. I wear many, many hats. My main responsibilities are to provide first aid/medtx to injured employees and to triage personal illnesses as well. Additionally, I oversee compliance programs such as, Hearing Conservation, OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogens, HAZMAT, CPR/FA teaching, and preventative health screenings and teaching.

    PM me if you have any questions.
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    How did your interview go?
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    I will graduate in 2008.

    I have my eyes set on an occupational health nursing job in the future. They like ICU, ER experience. I am currently in telemetry as a tech, formerly an EMT *gulp* 13 years ago. The company I want to work for does their own physicals for employees, treadmill tests, etc. Part of the requirment is familiarity with OSHA, bloodborne pathogens, hearing conservation. How can I get that kind of training? Do I go somewhere to get it? How do I look good for them to hire me when I will have little experience?
  6. by   H60Medic
    I have seen new grads and old hands hired. It all comes down to timing and demand. ER skills are looked at for assessment reasons although EMS seems to be as good. As far as the other certs, you may want to get your audiometry, spirometry, CPR instructer, experiance in UDS/BAT collection, workman comp cert, ect., ect.,. Sometimes you can find a part-time position to get started. Try finding a local OHN association and get on thier mailing list, that will help.