Aaohn Convention Orlando In April

  1. 0 Have received the go ahead to make plans for the American Association for Occupation Health Nurses Convention being held in Orlando this April. Anyone else have plans to attend? Any second or more timers with some info to share on the conference? Seems like too much to take it all in so must be selective with attendence.
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    Has anyone on these boards even attended one? If so, worth the time and money?
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    The AAOHN convention is great. I have been to the last few and it is a great place to network with other OHNs. Will be in Orlando in April. As in all conventions, some programs are good and some are so so, but I have generally been pleased with most of them and I walk away with some good info.
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    I've attended two AAOHN conferences in years past. Very good info, just be sure to read all the course descriptions and take things that really interest you! Have fun!!
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    I am on the local planning committee for this year's ASE in Orlando. Come visit the Hospitality Suite on 4/13/2007-4/16/2007.

    I agree that the best way to get the most out of the conference(and your money) is to read the descriptions and choose what interests you.

    I get most of my CEs for state license and COHN at the conference.

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