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  1. So I have a few random questions for anyone who can give me some insight. I had a uterine inversion when I had my last baby a few months ago. I distinctly remember the doctor telling me the placenta was having a hard time coming out and him pulling on the cord. From what I have since researched is that pulling on the cord is about the only reason it happens. Is that true?

    Have you guys ever seen this happen? I'm in nursing school and want to go into L&D. I just had my OB clinicals and absolutely LOVED labor and delivery. I suffer PTSD from it and was really worried about seeing a delivery, but it was great and actually theraputic for me. But, now I worry that I will be someones nurse when this happens and have flashbacks and not be able to take care of my patient effectively, because when these flashbacks happen I am practically useless and hystarical. I know that it "isn't supposed to happen" and I shouldn't worry so much about it. But it is so much a part of my life now that I can't help it because it does happen.

    Lastly, just out of curiosity do any of your hospitals have support for mothers that had traumatic births. I realize that might be hard as probably every mother sees part of their births traumatic in their eyes. I really think knowing that I'm not alone in this would really help. And if I feel that way I'm sure there are other mothers that would feel that way. I know there are support groups for parents that had stillborns and such, (which I'm totally not attacking or trying to make inferior or anything. That would horrible.) but I have yet to see anything in my area, or online for that matter, for someone who just had an all out horrible, near death birth experience but in all ended up ok.
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    I'm sorry for your experience, but you need to discuss your concerns with your physician or get a second opinion. Or perhaps speak with a professional counselor. We cannot, per site terms of service, request or offer medical advice on these forums. You can also try your local child birth education center can offer information and resources regarding support for mothers who suffered a traumatic birth experience. Best wishes on your healing journey.