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  1. I'm a traveling L&D nurse on 13 week contracts through agency.I'm finding out as I travel that every hospital has been challenging in regards to their charting systems. I'm on assignment now in which they chart on centricity. I've always used trace-vue. As all traveling nurses know you have no orientation and if you do its 3 days. No one seems to know where the centricity user manuel is located on this assignment. Can anyone help me in locating user manuel?
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    I am wondering if anyone can speak to this previous post as a traveling OB nurse. I have my most and current experience in a high risk high delivery L&D and less experience but more recent in pediatric OR. I am just trying to decide which to travel with, (level of comfort, ease of that specialty as a traveler)? I have many friends who are all doing travel nursing but all in ICU, ER, Med surg; I have no one that can actually speak as to L&D travel nursing experiences. I am looking for any personal accounts and advice as L&D travel nurses!!

    1. Is it difficult to learn each hospitals system for Fetal monitoring charting?( I am pretty good at picking up normal main charting systems for assessment and MAR charting)
    2. Do the other nurses help you when in need and not ignore the traveler( huge decels needing intervention, crash c-sections)?
    3. What about teaching hospitals vs. not, and autonomy of nurses? ( At my current hospital residents place internals, I wouldn't want to be expected/forced to do something I do not have experience/training in )
    4. What is your overall experience traveling as an OB nurse? Would you recommend it? Do you have any suggestions to best prepare myself- ( extra FM certifications?)

    THANKS SO MUCH! I appreciate any and all advice! I love these boards!
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    My experience as a traveler (I haven't traveled in nearly 3 years) is that for the most part, EMRs are easy to figure out (except Meditech - I hate Meditech). Staff has always been friendly and helpful.
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    Can't give you first hand advice about what to expect. However I'm starting my first L&D contract in 2 weeks! I almost gave up the hunt and went back to med surg where the majority of my experience is. But L&D is my passion. I was forced into unemployment after almost a year and a half of working in OB, and trying to get a contract with less than 2 years experience has been tough. Add on top of that being a new traveler (I hear some facilities don't want newbies). But I'm hoping after 2 or 3 assignments, it will be smooth sailing :-) As long as you have worked in the specialty within the past year (e.g. working full time in one unit and picking up prn or per diem in the other), you could take PEDs and L&D assignments.

    It cant hurt to have FM certifications, though it seems most hospitals just want you to take their own tests. I plan on taking the NCC EFM exam this month. I did hear of a few places that required the AWHONN class. Definitely have BLS & NRP, and ACLS always helps.

    What I've been told by L&D travelers at my previous job is to be up front. When you interview with the managers, be honest about your experience and skill set. I too came from a teaching hospital where RNs did not have hands in the vagina. The 2 interviews I have done (one teaching and one community) and brought that up, it was not a problem.

    I hope whatever you choose goes well for you!