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I posted this on the Nurse Midwife Board also, but thought it might get more activity here. Does anyone know of any available inservicing or training to teach OB nurses how to care for laboring... Read More

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    Thank you for the links! I didn't realize that AABC was offering this seminar. It's exactly what I was looking for! I went to their How to Start a Birthcenter Conference and it was great. Now I just have to await the 2013 dates (after the Jan. class).

    I actually recently hired a new nurse for my unit who has no OB experience as a RN, but has been a doula for a number of years. I'm excited about her starting. I think having her on board will benefit the whole staff.

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    The documentary, The Business of Being Born, really inspired me and was an eye opening experience, as well as to hear other views.
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    This is a great thread! I'm tagging this for later I plan on becoming a CNM!
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