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I know this can be a HUGE debate, and I'm not looking to start any arguments. I was just wondering as you are OB nurses. I'm expecting a boy in July and not sure if we should circ. or not. My husband says yes, it's better... Read More

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    Common in THIS country.....because in this country all people care about is aesthetics, and imposing their beliefs on a helpless baby who would surely tell the doctor or rabbi to get the F away from him!
    Also, the biggest reason it stays in this country is because of the greedy, money hungry doctors who don't want to loose money.

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    Here we go again with someone suggesting that it prevents HIV....OMG! I can't believe this! AND this is a skewed study on AFRICAN people it is a much different climate there, and you cannot say that if is prevents it there, it prevents it here. If you know anything about the culture and practices of the people studied in that study, you would know that it isn't the same in any other culture...this is just a way for pro-circ people to scare people with propaganda.
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    Quote from libnat
    so i couldn't think of a comeback but i came back with a comeback. some rabid anti-circ folks here for something that is really common.

    the bold section, yup, ya got me on construction/syntax...but i still got ya on points....the italisized makes no sense....
    think of basic biology....when parts mesh together as they are intended, dont you think they would work better?
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    Quote from libnat
    Male circumcision could significantly reduce the burden of HIV, study suggests.
    if you had been with us for this entire thread you would know that this study had already been blown out of the water by one of our posters.....simple statistical analysis......look back, if you care, you will find it.....
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    "Looks, circumcised looks better"
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    "there was a poll i might search for later with the majority of american female respondents saying they preferred the look of circ, apparently agreeing with me but either way my kid, my look preference."

    wow, what arrogance harming infants for something as shallow as a brainwashed prejudice.
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    Quote from libnat
    Male circumcision could significantly reduce the burden of HIV, study suggests.
    COULD, but doesn't--the empirical evidence in the real world, blows this nonsense right out of the water--Just compare at the rates of HIV between circumcising and intact countries--the cut rates are much higher than the intact rates.

    Try again.
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    Quote from Smurfette752
    morte....and it is so true....once you've had don't want it any other way! LOL
    Better one--Once you get intact, you never go back!
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    Quote from libnat
    Yeah but he might just want to get laid......
    Somehow the human race has survived all these millenia, and seeing that most of the human race leaves their boys' penises alone, I don't think he'll have a problem getting it when he wants it. And, since the circ rate is dropping in this country too, he'll be in good company. I ain't cuttin' my boy's winky just because everybody else does it or because 'everybody else' likes it.
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    Thank you for clarifying the medication type and also for all the interesting articles. Again, I am only a nursing student I don't claim to know everything, which was WELL stated. As you are certainly entitled to your opinion, so am I and I'd just like to ask you didn't you EVER make mistakes in nursing school, say something wrong, get a wrong answer, LEARN SOMETHING NEW? You didn't have to rip me apart. Why is it that experienced nurses eat their young? You could have certainly taught me something and gotten your point across without being so rude. Congradulations your long winded e-mail was read and heard! Remember, you were in my shoes once too. I really wanted to be an OB nurse because I so enjoyed my own birthing experiences, then when I went to do my rotation almost all the labor and delivery nurses ended up having the same attitude as you, I don't know if you are attempting to DISCOURAGE me... if that is the case it just reminded me of the kind of nurse I DON'T want to be. Oh, and I'm not a liar, I saw what I saw, the baby SLEPT... YES THAT'S RIGHT DEFYING YOUR ARTICLES AND ALL... the baby SLEPT through his circumcision. One positive thing I can say for you is at least your compassionate about something even if it's not people.

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