So I got the job what? So I got the job what? | allnurses

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So I got the job what?

  1. 0 I feel like I am going to puke!

    I applied for a job about three hours from home. Somewhere warmer, somewhere with better wages (as in $12 MORE an hour base pay; but not including weekend differential) and lower cost of living...It has been very fast. I applied, on the weekend of the 21st and just got an offer today.

    I love my current job, but my husband and I really want to leave the area. I am a bit nervous d/t the fact that if I accept this job it will be much different than what I am use to...small hospital, three labor rooms, very natural births, low induction rates, low epidural rates, water births, VBACs, level 1 hospital; transport sick babies out, ect VS. big hospital, nine labor rooms, high interventions, high epidural rate, no VBACs, no water birth, Level 3 hospital; gets sick babies shipped to them...

    I do have over 300 hrs of PTO at my current job, so potentially I could drop down to part time (two days a week) and take a paid leave.

    I am nervous about working nights again. I HATED working nights before (as in my doctor almost put me on disability for lack of sleep), but it was a different situation, I was working 8hr nocs; so four and five nights a week from 23-07...this would be only three nocs a week

    Has anyone made this leap up before? How was it? Any tips?