Rupture of an unscarred uterus? - page 2

We had a uterine rupture this morning. Baby was severely compromised and mom ended up in ICU. Mom was a multip with a previous NSVD. It was a post-dates induction. I know uterine ruptures are... Read More

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    Quote from rbytsdy
    Unfortunately, cytotec has been known to cause ruptures in women without a previous uterine surgery.

    Cytotec was used on many VBAC patients in the 90s which caused a lot of UR and therefore made VBAC a "bad" choice. Instead of blaming the cyctotec, the VBAC attempt was blamed.
    I hated using Cytotec. It usually caused ctx to be too strong and, unlike Pit, you couldn't decrease it. I found it to be very unpredictable - worked fine for some, but slammed others. Plus, it's so hard to insert. It always wanted to stick to the glove and not stay where I was placing it.
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