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RN jobs in womens health?

  1. 0 I am currently in school for my MSN in WHNP. I have only worked as a PICU nurse but my dream job is to work in an OBGYN office as a NP. I realize that before I graduate with my masters I need to have worked in the field of womens health. Delivering babies is not appealing to me so L&D nursing is out. Any suggestions on womens health RN jobs? I want to get some good experiencs, just not catching any babies.
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    Public health offices - reproductive health offices.
    Planned parenthood.
    WIC offices.
    Women's health clinics.
    OB/GYN clinics.

    Look around for some positions in clinics and offices. Not sure if there are a lot of options for what you're looking for in the hospital setting.
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    I work as the nurse in an OB/Gyn office run by midwives. An OB comes in once a week for colpos and complicated cases. I love it there, and has made me think I might want to go back for a post-masters in WHNP and just see patients at the clinic. I used to do L&D but wanted to leave the bedside, so I get your lack of interest in actually attending deliveries. Anyway, that's a thought - try to get in at an OB/Gyn clinic.