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Rehab to OB

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    I live in the greater chicago area and the jobs here are very scarce a lot of them requiring experience and new grads with at least CNA experience. Being that I had none I took a job at a Rehab facility. However, the area I wanted to go toward was labor and delivery. Would rehab nursing count as basic experience toward hospitals, would I ever be able to consider labor and delivery?
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    It would probably be hard to get into labor and delivery from rehab. Try to get at least a year of med-surg. It's not much fun-but will help you out in many ways!!
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    Thank you for your response Is it difficult to get a hospital job after having your new grad experience in rehab ?
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    I did 18 mos. in rehab after getting my ADN. No luck with a hospital job - been applying weekly for 2 years now. Am just about to finish my BSN, so maybe that will help.