Prep for vaginal Delivery

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    My hospital is looking into changing from the traditional betadine prep for vag delivery to soap and water (or even no prep at all). I cannot find any research on this, anyone have any data that can help me put together our policy with the most up-to-date information? What do you use in your hospital (vag delivery only)??? Do you have some data to back up your use (or non-use) of vaginal prep? Thanks!

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    What prep? For vag deliveries? None of my 3 jobs have used any kind of prep for vag deliveries! I didn't know anywhere did that I'm sure acog would have something. Google?
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    Why prep for vaginal deliveries? That went the way of enemas in labor, not necessary. Women have been having babies for thousands of years without having their vaginas "prepped", LOL.
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    yeah I have been on 3 different LDRP units and none have "prepped" for vaginal deliveries
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    We do! Betadine! Right when the doctor walks in, before the baby is out.
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    My old unit did betadine. I didn't really like it because we used a large betadine bottle. That betadine would be used for about 10 or more moms before it was used up. A travel nurse never used betadine but used the single use soap and sponges that come in the plastic packets.

    I personally think good pericare throughout labor in general is a good idea, not just at delivery.
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    Quote from mjs2118
    We do! Betadine! Right when the doctor walks in, before the baby is out.
    We do the same thing.
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    We use betadine, it comes in a sterile single large swab that they prep the vagina with right before delivery.
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    We use betadine
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    Betadine or hibaclens

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