Patient Call Backs?

  1. Do any of your OB depts do follow up calls on patients? If so, could you please share some of the questions you ask? We used to do it but got away from it for a long time. I think we may start again...

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  3. by   Labor&DeliveryRN
    We do! We have our patients sign a form before discharge saying yes they do, or no they do not, want to be called 1-2 days after they go home.

    If they say yes, we call and ask:
    1) How are things going at home?
    2) Do you have any questions about the medications you were prescribed?
    3) How was your stay with us?
    4) Do you have any suggestions of how we could have improved your care?
    5) (If breastfeeding) - How is breastfeeding going? Would you like a follow-up appointment with the lactation consultant?
    6) Do you have any questions? (Either way we give them our phone number again just in case they have questions in the future).
    7) Is there anyone you'd like to recognize personally for providing you care above and beyond your expectations?

    We LOVE the feedback we get from our patients. Most of it is positive, and most patient's enjoy following up with a nurse and making sure they're doing things "right". Especially meds and breastfeeding.
    Our hospital also does a survey a couple weeks after discharge for every patient in the hospital, it focuses on hospital wide care goals. It's a great guideline for where we need to focus our attention during a patient's stay.