Oh, I'm excited! I'm not leaving OB entirely, after all Oh, I'm excited! I'm not leaving OB entirely, after all | allnurses

Oh, I'm excited! I'm not leaving OB entirely, after all

  1. 8 My new job in perinatal research will be 4 9-hour day shifts each week, which leaves an extra day each week. Because I took a pay cut to take this job, I decided to try to find something PRN or once a week to help augment the paycheck. A few months ago I had interviewed for a nurse manager position for a local OB/gyn clinic. During the interview, they mentioned that they just became a Medela breastpump rental station, and they seemed interested in the fact that I'm an IBCLC. I didn't get that job, but I've been thinking about their situation, so when I decided that I wanted to find a once-a-week gig, I contacted them. They were very interested and I went in last week to talk to them.

    They want me to work for them once a week doing lactation consulting, handling their breastpump rentals, teaching a breastfeeding class once a quarter, and spending time with the moms prenatally to talk about breastfeeding, answer any questions, etc.

    Even though I've been an IBCLC for 4 years, I've never done outpatient, only inpatient. And I've never done lactation as my only role at a facility before. I'm really looking forward to the challenge of starting a lactation program from the ground up at a clinic that has never offered lactation services before.

    I feel so fortunate that I now have TWO jobs that are going to be extremely challenging and are really going to stretch and grow my brain and abilities, and even though I made the decision to leave bedside nursing as an OB nurse, I will still be working with the obstetrical community, the demographic I love the most in nursing.
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    That sounds awesome! Congrats on the new opportunity!
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    Thanks for proving once again that nurses are the most creative and adaptable people. Best wishes in your new job(s)!
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    This sounds like a dream job to me Congrats!!
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    Congrats on both your new jobs! Sounds like the second one will give you great patient contact and let you use your LC skills in new ways. I work in a community-based program with pregnant and parenting teens and I love it. One of the things I find most satisfying is helping them overcome lactation problems and continue to breastfeed. I am sure you will enjoy seeing what happens after the hospital. What a great opportunity to get the lactation program off the ground. You will be able to impact, not just moms and babes, but other health care professionals as well. Congrats and enjoy the new challenges!

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