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  1. I have an interview to work for a OB/GYN practice tomorrow. I'm ok with basic interview questions I'm really wondering what are some questions specific to OB GYN? I have always wanted to work in a office/clinic and always wanted to work in the OB/GYN field... I really don't have a specific reason as to why though lol. What's your reason? Any tips?
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  3. by   RFRN
    I work in an OB/GYN clinic and the thing I love the best is actually getting to know your patients. You see them fairly frequently and can develop a great relationship, which also means you can assess better because you know their history. Also, I love working in such close contact with the MDs. Ours are FANTASTIC! As well as our NPs. They love to teach and are always willing to explain reasoning for their plan of care or show you new things you may have never known about. I honestly can't see myself ever leaving where I am. As far as specific questions, I don't know what they'll ask you but review your basic OB stuff. What you need to be in a clinic is a fast learner - that's what I would mention during my interview. As a nurse, you may be asked to cover a few different areas (triage, floor, in-office procedures) and you need to be able to pick up on things quickly.
  4. by   larien37
    I actually would like to know how your interview went and the types of questions you got. I have an interview this week for a local OB/GYN practice. I'm nervous but excited and hoping that I nail the interview