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New OB nurse!

  1. 2 Hi everyone! I know that there are a lot of threads like this, but I am so excited.. I had to post one of my own. I have been a nurse for a year now, and worked 6 months LTC, 6 months med-surg/ortho. I went to nursing school with the intention of being an OB nurse, but when I graduated there weren't any jobs available in the dept.

    Even in one year, I gained a ton of experience and met a lot of great people, and I just accepted an offer for a full time OB position - my dream job!! It is an LDRP, so I will be working postpartum, L&D, and circulator for sections. They are also cross-training me for NICU and peds as they are our sister units, and if OB is slow I can float to these units. Granted, I won't be given the 'difficult' cases on the other units, but I am so excited about all of the training I'm getting ready to receive!!

    So excited to be joining your ranks - I was born to be an OB nurse. It's in my bones. I feel like I'm robbing my employer by getting paid to do this work!
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    Congrats! I remember when I was first hired on as a nurse extern in OB as a student, and I was sitting in the nursery, holding a baby and feeding it a bottle, and I was thinking to myself "Dang, I cannot believe they're actually PAYING me to do this!"