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Just wondering...since ACOG as put out the no elective induction before 39 week ruling, has anyone else seen an increase in meconium? We see a lot more 41 weekers now, and we have had a run of... Read More

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    Quote from LLLovely

    I would have to check, but my recollection from the NRP update is that meconium is really not a big concern anymore. Amnioinfusion for mec is no longer considered a treatment because it doesn't improve outcomes. Most mec babies are fine. I think it's interesting that the OP is seeing babies with mec who are very sick. I wonder what else is going on with them?
    I agree with you. I wonder how often these patients with "sick" babies are receiving vag exams during labor? How long is their water ruptured? Are any of these babies also GBS +? None of that is related to mec stained fluid. Interesting...
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    The "sick" babies that I am referring to are mec aspiration pneumonia babies. In this specific facility I have just noticed a high incidence of thick nasty meconium and these babies having mec aspiration pnemonia.... not GBS or other related infections that cause sepsis. I would've mentioned that if that were the case.

    When I wrote this originally, we had gone thru two weeks where almost every baby had meconium, and not the demure thin kind, but horrible pea soup kind. We sent 4 kids to the NICU with respiratory issues, then requiring vents for pneumonia related to aspiration. Thankfully that has resolved since then.
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    This brings me to wonder, food for though persay, was the mec a result of postdates (40+1 not really postdates but you get the point) OR a result of the induction. I'm going with induction and the stress it puts on mom and baby.
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    When we moved to 41+3 for induction as per SOGC guidelines in Canada we saw waaaaay less inductions, more spontaneous and successful labours, a small increase in mec maybe but definitely no more complications. My last two hospitals wouldn't even suction for mec if baby was vigorous as per our guidelines--those babies stayed skin to skin at delivery.