MD orders no external monitor on Pt w/ preterm contractions - page 2

Hey all you OB nurses! What are thoughts about an MD asking nursing to do no external monitoring on an inpt OB? She is in for preterm contractions and has cervical shortening with a small amount of... Read More

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    I always thought you had to have an order for monitoring. Something to do with charges? In an emergency you do what you have to do but if what happens if you can't justify?

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    Huh. What was her gestational age? Was she pre-viable?
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    I'm not sure about having a Dr's order for FHM, we can initiate it per protocol, though. She was 33 wks, and we don't have a NICu. It is better for us to fly out a laboring mother than try to support a preterm infant.
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    Jenerator - had she had a fetal fibronectin done? If that was negative, indicating low likelihood of delivery within the next couple of weeks, then I could understand such an order.
    Otherwise, given your setting I can fully understand your concerns and would be charting meticulously and following up with higher ups at the hospital, especially risk management.

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