MA Looking to Become RN in L&D/NICU *ADVICE WANTED*

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    I am a nineteen year old Medical assistant. I have been a medical assistant for awhile now, but my ultimate goal is to get my nursing degree and work in either L&D or NICU/Neo-Natal. I have a full time job (8-5) at a family practice as a medical assistant. I want to start taking my pre-req's to be eligible to go to nursing school, but I want/need to keep my full time job. I want to definitely pursue my nursing career dreams. Have any of you worked full time and went to school? Do you have any advice for a new comer in the field who has some experience in the medical field as a MA? I would really appreciate all the advice I can get, about school, the two specialties I want to work in, and balancing school, work and a social life... Most importantly getting enough rest! I plan on starting school Fall/Winter '13 (: Thank you so much !!!
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  3. by   Britrn04
    It will be difficult to keep a fulltime job, active social and family life once accepted into nursing school. Try your best in the pre-req to get good grades as nursing school admission can be very competitive depending on where you apply. Something has to is hard to balance everything and be a fulltime student. I have never been a MA, but an RN has a very diffferent scope of practice with the need to use good critical thinking skills. Graduate nursing shool and then worry about getting into your chosen speciality area. You may find another path/love while going through the program.
    Good luck!!