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    I am a New Grad and have my first Interview this week for a "New Grad Labor and Delivery" position. I am really excited about it but I am not sure how to prepare for it. Can anyone offer any suggestions and also if anyone has been interviewed for an L&D position can you tell me what types of questions they asked. Any examples of scenario questions?
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    The one thing I remember from my labor and delivery interview was that a L&D nurse needs to be strong. Able to keep a frightened mother on task, and back a doc down if need be. Work well under pressure. Hmmm...that's about it, but that's probably just my memory going.
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    One scenario question I remember from my interview was:

    A woman is a few hours post C/S, and on a morphine PCA for pain. You walk into her room and find her unresponsive. What would you do?
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    Wish I could offer advice, but I'm med-surg. Just be honest, be yourself and let them know you are interested in working in this field and will do your best....
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    Thank you all so much for your support and info. I have been studying case scenarios and learning more about the hospital. I know it is a long shot since there are only 2 positions open out of 20 candidates being interviewed. Honestly if I don't get it I will be bummed but that just means another new grad got it and I will be happy for them. My interview is Thursday so if anyone else has any assistance please post. Thanks again
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    Make sure you ask questions. It really is important. Here are a few that I used:

    Tell me about the orientation process. Will I have more than one preceptor?
    What is a typical week like on this unit?
    How often are people sent home early or called for extra shifts?
    I prefer to work weekends (or whatever you prefer). Will it be difficult for me to get that kind of schedule?
    Will I be expected to float to other areas? If so, am I allowed to decline if I don't feel I am competent to work that unit?
    What other staff members work on the unit? Does this hospital use LPNs and CNAs in L&D? How well does everyone work together?

    As far as case scenarios, be familiar with common problems in L&D and what to assess for. If you aren't sure about how to answer the question, explain how you would assess the pt to find out what is going on. They know that you just graduated. You aren't expected to be an expert.
    I had several questions about what I would do if I was overwhelmed and had more than one crisis to handle at once. The right answer was to ask for help.

    And if you pray, then take a few minutes to pray before you go into the building.

    Good luck in your interview. Let us know how it goes.
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    I had to update you all that I did very well in my interview and I have a second interview scheduled.
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    Congratulations! I am a new grad myself and start on the floor in L&D next week. I'm very excited. One thing to remember is they understand you are a new grad and have a lot to learn. It takes 4-6 months of orientation to learn what you need to know to be on your. At least that is what I have been told. Good luck! Hope you get the offer.
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    congrats rjc729
    im a new grad and would love to work in L&D, how did you go about it?
    the hospital i saw that had an opening in L&D did not want new grads.
    Any tips or advise will be appreciated
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    I got the job!!! I am so excited. For those that were asking about how I got the job... I applied for a position online that was specifically for a New Grad L&D Nurse position. I really can't tell you why I was selected out of 400 applications, I am sure there were many others equally as good as mine. I did a lot of research on the hospital before my interview so I could ask a lot of questions. My recommendation to those who are new grads or are going to be new grads soon is to get your certifications early. Do NRP, Basic Fetal Heart Monitoring. Try to do volunteer work in L&D while you are looking for a job. During my interview I talked about every rotation I did and how I applied it to women's health (medsurg- hysterectomy patient), Mental health (patient who miscarried), Medsurg (Pregnant patient with pancreatitis, and then in the ER I had a pregnant patient with diabetic ketoacidosis. Hope this helps. Good luck to those who are seeking
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