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Inpatient OB certification

  1. 0 Hi all,
    I've been an OB/nursery nurse for almost 10 years, almost all of my nursing career....
    I want to take the test to become certified in Inpatient Obstetrics, and I'm looking for suggestions for material to study. I have "core curriculum for maternal-newborn nursing" and "williams obstetrics" books. I have looked on the website and noticed there are 4 different tests to take.......I guess I'm a little confused. Is it four different tests or all in one? it says "inpatient Obstetric nursing", "neonatal Intensive care nursing", "low risk neonatal nursing", and "maternal Newborn nursing"
    So, I guess my question test on all? And what are some good books to study from?

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    If you search the threads here you will find tons of answers to your question (it seems to be THE question) My suggestion if you have the resources is to take a review course.

    There are many certification exams. Inpatient OB is one.
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    I used the candidate guide that NCC publishes along with Core Curriculum for Maternal-Newborn Nursing. If there was a topic I was unfamiliar with or fuzzy on I referenced the book. I didn't take a review course and felt the exam content was very manageable. I had about 4.5 years of L&D experience when I took the exam.

    I took the inpatient obstetrics exam, because I work in L&D and only rarely float to postpartum.
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    Question, is the candidate guide what they send you when you apply? Or is it something you can get online?
    I do have that book.
    Thanks again
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    Forget it....I found it! Sorry!!!!