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I have a question about cerclages

  1. 0 Hi I have a question about cerclages. I went into preterm labor at 21 weeks, 2 years ago due to funneling. I wasnt able to get an emergency cerclage because my water had already broken and i was loosing amniotic fluid. Im currently 9 weeks pregnant and will have a preventative cerclage placed at 12 weeks. Im just concerned about funneling again. Will the cerclage prevent that from happening? If I do start funneling again, what will happen? Is there medication out there that I can take to prevent funneling? I've looked online for information but i cant really find anything; so I'd appreciate ANY information. Thanks in advance

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    Per our TOS, we cannot give any medical advice. Please talk to your doc.
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    The above poster is correct. We wish you and your baby the best and the best advice is to ask your provider.