How to feel bag of water

  1. Hi, I'm new and I reached the point where most of the time I can feel the cervix and the babies head. I hear people talking about feeling the bag of water too but how can I differentiate this from the head? The head feels soft and squishy and I never felt that there was a bag of water around it. Is the bag always near the head? Will I find it if I move my fingers all around the head? Also, I hear the term ballotable, meaning that the baby's head feels like it is floating in water. How can I feel this? Do I have to put my fingers all the way under the head and try to push up and see if it floats up??? Please help!
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  3. by   mommy2boysaz
    When you feel a ballotable baby or a bulgy BOW, you will know it.

    A bulgy BOW feels like you can imagine a balloon filled with water, with a baseball or something in it (as the head), would feel. You'll feel a soft tension, then after your finger "dents" in a half inch or so, you'll bump against the firm head. Then if the head floats away a little when you bump it, that means it is ballotable.
    Don't worry, you won't be able to feel the bag on every patient. Really it's not noticable unless it is bulging a little.
    Just give it some time, you'll be fine!