How often are your postpartum vital signs and assessments? How often are your postpartum vital signs and assessments? - pg.2 | allnurses

How often are your postpartum vital signs and assessments? - page 2

How often do you do post partum VS and assessments for c/s and vag deliveries? Just wondering what everyone else is doing. Thanks!!!!!:confused:... Read More

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    We follow the "Guidlines for Perinatal Care, 6th edition" which recommends B/P,P, R, q 15 min x2hours then q 30min x2 then q shift. temp immediately post placenta then q4x2 then qid.
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    Thanks, Lisababyrn
    Is this for vag or c/s or both?
    Can you tell me what pages this is on in Guidelines for Perinatal Care?
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    I would love to get some of the links to the research that prompted how you do your vital sign sets on your floors. I'm a mother/baby nurse in Tyler, Tx and we do more vitals on our mothers than we do on our babies. Really frustrated with the amount of frequents we do on these mothers. It interupts breastfeeding, and restorative rest. I'm trying to implement a change at my hospital and would take any and all information that can be given to me. Thanks!
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    Vag: Vitals, fundal checks Q15 x 1 hour, Q 30 min x2 hours, Q shift if stable and no bleeding issues

    C/S: Vitals, fundal checks same as above plus continuous ecg and pulse ox x 2 hours and vitals q 4 hours x 24 hours after first 2 hours
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    Once on mother/baby,

    Vag: Upon admit, then Q 30min x 1, Q 1hr x 2, then Q 8hr until d/c (0400-1200-2000)

    Cesarean: Upon admit, then Q 1hr x 4, Q 4hr x 24, then Q 8hr until d/c (0400-1200-2000)