How long for orientation?

  1. Just wondering how long you worked OB before being fully oriented. I have been in my job 8 months and we have 3 areas postpartum, nursery, and l&d. I was hired for l&d. I am currently oriented to charge in postpartum, I also can work nursery (but not charge) and have not had a single day in l&d. New schedule is out till June, no days of l&d. They say they don't orient l&d in the summer. So I'm looking at September earliest. Is that normal? Where you oriented to all areas straight through? We have awful staffing issues. Seems its a prob to take me off of full time nights to even get oriented due to the lack of RN bodies in our dept. and there is a freezing hold, so it won't be changing soon. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   babyktchr
    Ok, I need more info here. Did you have previous OB experience, especially in the postpartum arena? Why would they put you in other areas first if they hired you for L&D? Seems a bit fishy to me. A more normal routine would've been to orient you in L&D and if it is required that you float to the other areas, then orient you there. it seems odd to me that you have been in the other areas for so long. I think you answered your own question though. They are short staffed and they are using you to plug up holes.

    Have you talked to management about their plan? Do they have a formal orientation schedule? Do you meet with someone regularly while in orientation? Are you still considered in orientation? I am hoping you had previous experience in OB, because after 8 months you are already in charge? I would hope not, and new to OB as well.

    If I were you I would be talking to the manager or HR. If you were hired for L&D and not working there, I would certainly want to know why.
  4. by   Calabria
    I agree. This seems really suspicious. L&D nurses and OB nurses orient for about 3 months in my hospital in their respective areas, and are always assigned to an assignment with a preceptor when they come into work. Our OB nurses staff the nursery, so their training is completed in their 3 month orientation. The L&D nurses shadow for one day in OB, and vice versa, so that they can become familiar with float policies and procedures.

    Formal training to be the charge nurse comes after having at least one or two years of experience on the unit.

    Speak to Human Resources about what is going on. You shouldn't be the solution to their staffing problems.
  5. by   allene24
    I was hired to L&D as a new grad and oriented for 16 weeks, i needed every second of that orientation. We have 4 areas- L&D, C-Section, High risk pregnancies, and OB triage. We rotate through each area during the 16 week orientation. Nursery RNs and PP RNs do not do L&D and vice versa.