How long did you wait to take advanced fetal monitoring?

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    I work L&D and took AWHONN's intermediate fetal monitoring shortly before I began and then, seven months later (and with the permission of my nurse educator and charge nurse/ instructor of the course) I am taking advanced fetal monitoring. What I'm wondering is how long did you way or do you feel one should wait to take the class? I feel like my strip interpretation is, okay but I'm not really improving or learning just working on the floor so in that way I am optimimistic to take the course but I don't want to feel like a complete idiot.

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  3. by   NurseNora
    AWHONN suggests you have at least a years experience before taking Advanced. I've known people to pass it with less, but I think they learn more if they wait.
  4. by   ColoradoBirthRN
    Thanks Nora,

    I think if it were offered more often I definitely would have waited the full year. I definitely passed and found it made more sense than the intermediate class. We'll see how much it actually helps in the upcoming weeks
  5. by   babyktchr
    the advanced course goes into way more pathophysiology, and dysrhythmias. I teach both and really the advanced class is a difficult class only because it covers so much technical information. Even some physicians that have taken my class have had trouble with the exam. AWHONN suggests the intermediate course be taken with 6 months experience on board and the advanced course a year. You can certainly take it sooner, there are no laws.
  6. by   sds1arm2
    Is AWHONN the only course where Basic FHM is offered? I'm looking for one so that I will have some exposure as I am looking to move into the L&D area. I'd like to take a basic course and add to my resume in hopes that it will make my resume more attractive.
  7. by   ColoradoBirthRN

    I work with several nurses who enjoy the Lisa Miller fetal monitoring class. Here is a link with the 2013 locations:

    I would recommend the AWHONN but I will say it did not completely come together until I had more practice reading strips. It can't hurt to add to your resume if you are trying to get into L&D though! ACLS in another requirement for L&D nurses you could work on before you apply. I liked how AWHONN focused on nursing practice (interventions, charting, communication...) and streamlining terminology of fetal heart monitoring. Good luck!
  8. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I was a nurse for just over three years when I did it, I did it after my RNC-OB. I took Lisa Miller's class through PEC
  9. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Quote from ColoradoBirthRN
    ACLS in another requirement for L&D nurses you could work on before you apply.!
    ACLS is not required for L&D nurses. Its not required at all hospitals
  10. by   NicuGal
    Look at the hospitals you are interested in and see what they require. Our L/D people are ACLS certified as we get very sick moms with complex issues.
  11. by   Fairah01
    At my hospital we take Advanced FM after 2 years, we took Intermedite at 6 months. In the past year we have all become ACLS certified and it is required now for all new hires *most places will say required with in first 6 months or year*