Help with cover letter for OB position...

  1. Hello! I will be graduating in 6 weeks from an ADN program. I am trying to prepare my cover letter and resume to begin submitting for job openings. I know there is great debate on nurses going directly into a specialty, but I know that OB nursing is for me and was the driving force behind me becoming a nurse. My long term goal is to become a CNM in the future and I want to begin gaining experience as soon as possible. This being said, I am having a difficult time writing my cover letter and explaining my passion for this area of nursing. Does anyone have any tips, pointers or examples? I've spent countless hours staring at what I have so far to no avail. Any suggestions as appreciated!

    I also know that I am fighting an uphill battle in trying to obtain a position in this specialty, especially as an ADN, but I plan on giving it my best shot!
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  3. by   BSNbeauty
    So far as the cover letter, make sure you do some research about the hospital and note what you found in your CL. For example" Hospital ABC was nationally ranked for x,y,z". Employers love when candidates know about the hospital. Talk about your passion and experience. Keep it short and sweet. Read this article: this has helped me received several offers and interviews. I'm starting a FT mother baby position Monday and I cannot wait. This is a dream come true.