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I am sooooo irritated right now, I just have to get this stuff off my chest. First of all I've worked on 3 different floors in 2 different hospitals and have had the same problem with this at all 3. Night shifters come in on... Read More

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    Dariah, its very frustrating. It makes me want to wait til the very last minute to walk in and clock in, but my military mind goes into panic mode if im not at least 15 minutes early lol. It really is a double standard. It irks me real good.... But like u, i like my coworkers and ability to practice autonomy at night so i will continue with it until something changes. Babykatcher. I love reading ur posts, and want to thank u for ur words of encouragement. I have mentioned these things to management but they r part of the problem. I just keep these things to myself so as to not cause myself further drama

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    NO SNARK INTENDED: You've told US - but have you told THEM? If they are sitting around on the clock and you are running around, take a minute and go in the break room and ask for help. No - demand help in the name of patient safety.

    I'm a night person, and I know how this is. Sometimes you just have to be blunt.

    You really want to change the culture? Suggest changing work hours to 6a-6p to 'balance out the workload'. THAT usually gets their attention.
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    Understand totally about management being part of the problem. Its so hard to move forward with that boulder in your way. Drama can be productive....the BAD BEHAVIOR has been tolerated and rewarded far too long, so now it is time to hold your dayshift peers accountable. Do it nicely, but keep record of what you did. If it doesn't work, then take your documentation to your next member of the food chain. Don't know if you have charge folk or clinical coordinators or if you just jump to manager, but it needs to go forward and up. Confrontation is NEVER easy. But honestly, some folks just don't get it if you don't stuff it in their face.

    Shine on sister....!!!!
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    amen amen and aMen ^^^

    I've certainly been in the situation where I should of been relieved..and wasn't. It's especially bad when you're in the OR, cause you're invisable to the rest of the staff. LOL so no..you're not alone.

    Yes the only way to fix this is to be vocal and go to your management. Be specific if you need to name names Do it!

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