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I have to admit this, but I am not a nurse...nor am I a nursing student. I gave birth to my first child 2 years ago when I developed an amniotic fluid embolism (the doctors aren't sure). I had to have an emergency hysterectomy,... Read More

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    I am so glad you are alive, but so sad you missed the early time with your baby. Thank goodness you are here for everything else.

    Have you considered starting an online support group, or one in your own city? Go to the hospital and see what can be done. I am sure there are many people out there who could use your support and experience. Good luck!

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    As the other posters have said Amniotic Fluid Embolus is rare and I don't know that you will find that many other survivors (sad but true) HOWEVER there are a LOT of post-partum life threatening disorders that will land a Mum in ICU and that current have no champion. Try HELLP syndrome or as we are referring to it here HELLP - ITP/HUS spectrum disorder.

    I work in an ICU that services one of the busiest Maternity hospitals in our country and we see so many rare and devastating post-partum complications with very little in the way of support groups for these women.
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    I am also a D.I.C. survivor it happened during a renalectomy in 2003. Within the first day alone I was given 59 units of blood and more over a week for which I remained unconscious...its pretty weird to go into surgery and then awaken eight days later.I would be very interested in speaking to you and to know how your health is now.You may contact me at thom@netutah.com It is been difficult to find another survivor.

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