Couplet care - how do you handle float pool nurses? - page 2

Our unit switched to couplet care on February 1. Prior to that, we had one nurse who took a team of postpartum moms, and another nurse who took a team of newborns. We would often have nurses float into our department from... Read More

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    What about the obvious? Train your most frequent floaters.

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    The postpartum unit where I work does couplet care. When our float is from NICU, she will take the babies and the pp nurse will do the moms. With floats from L&D, antepartum, and general pool we do the reverse as these folks don't have NRP or other baby skills. Works quite well.
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    Well, our unit has thrown ortho/neuro elective suregerues in to our pp/gyne mix....
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    Part of the contract of having the closed unit is that the staff will cover the call outs or need for extra staff or deal with being short. We had a couple of rough bumps last summer and I threatened to open the unit because the thought was that I (as the manager) should come and cover the holes. Nada. You wanted the unit closed, YOU cover the holes. Haven't had an issue since. You have to have written policy on closed unit with eveyone's buy in or it just doesn't work. We have policy and guidelines and everyone signed the agreement and it is in their files. They get extra kudos on their eval for covering and bonus pay also.

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