1. I was interested in taking the Maternal Newborn Certification and was wondering if anyone had taken that??......please let me know any info and helpful hints....Thanks
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  3. by   debbieburch
    I have taken and passed the Inpatient Obstetrics Cert. and to me it was a very hard test. The questions focus on not what we see and deal with everyday but more on what causes these things to happen , exp: parasympathetic, sympathetic, chemoreceptors etc.. I don't know if this will help or not, but I wish I would have known this tidbit of info.....Debbie
  4. by   NewbornNurseRN

    Thanks so much for the info....I too heard it was a very hard test..........I think I will give it a try in December.........Thanks

  5. by   debbieburch
    Good luck......Let me know how it goes.....Debbie
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    How did it go? I am also interested in taking the test...In my spare time, of course!
  7. by   imenid37
    it was hard. i took it the first time it was offerred in 1994. i studied the curriculum for maternal newborn nursing and went to a review class for in-pt ob exam at a hospital in baltimore. the class was very good, but wasn't geared for my exam. i did fine and i thought it was difficult, but not imposssible. i think it had about 75-80% pass rate. you can do it. lots of breastfeeding and prenatal health questions way back then. sorry i wish i could remember more. i think studying that book did me the most good. i was pretty sure i passed it by the end of the exam.

    i also took efm certification and i thought that was very difficult. i did pass that one, but i wasn't sure about it until the letter came in the mail. you can do it so best of luck to you.