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I am a student and am interested in doing pp/ mother baby, but am not at all interested in working l&d. The hospital where I did my clinical had a seperate floor for postpartum moms and most of those nurses worked only on that... Read More

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    Quote from RN*mommy
    It definitely depends on the hospitals setup. If it's an LDRP, well then you have to do L&D.
    Not necessarily. I've worked at facilities that had LDRPs, and there were still nurses who only did PP. Just because the mother doesn't change rooms doesn't mean she can't be assigned a different nurse after recovery.

    As others have said, I've also worked at facilities where L&D and PP were all combined on the same floor, even in rooms right next to each other, and there was still a very distinct division of labor between L&D and PP, and while most nurses were cross-trained, there were some who only did L&D and some who didn't know L&D at all and only did PP. In fact, every facility I've worked at has been that way, and I've only worked for one place that had completely separate L&D and PP units.

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    @Alikatz I did my clinical at Stamford Hospital. I meant to actually reply to your post but Im not sure how, sorry.
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    Thanks everyone for the responses! From what you guys are saying, it seems like I will be able to do PP exclusively. That is my hope for now at least. As a student transitioning into an RN i can never see myself as an L&D nurse, I would be terrified!! lol. but maybe in future, who knows.

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