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any ideas where I can enhance my knowledge with vaginal exams? training? continuing education? enroll in midwifery class?... Read More

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    Yeah we had them as part of our education program and the hospital paid.

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    My hospital has a vagina in a box for educational purposes, possibly you could get your place tp purchase one.Do you have a good relationship with ant of your docs? Tell him/her that you need more exam experience and ask if you could go to the office a couple of times and check some of his near term patients. You'd learn what an uneffeced cervix feels like and then it's easier to decide if another cervix is more or less than half or a quarter of that thickness.An anterior lip feels like it sounds--you feel the head and at the top, just under the pubic bone you can feela little piece of cervix. It's easiest to feel if it's really swollen, but you really would rather it not swell. Imagine you put a largish ball in your mouth so that you can't close your mouth. Feel the ball, firm and smooth, and feel where your upper lip meets the ball. Thats how it feels--a small piece of cervix trapped between the baby's head and the symphisis.When you mentioned a posterior cervix, did you mean how to tell if she complete or just well effaced and very posterior? Try to slip your examing finger between the baby's head and the symphisis. If you can, she's complete. If you can't, you have to get her to put fists under her buttocks to rock her pelvis foreward and reach wayyy back around the baby's head.

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