Anybody a nurse AND a doula?

  1. I'm wondering if there is anybody here that started off as a doula or childbirth educator and moved on to nursing and labor and delivery!

    Conversely- are there any L&D nurses that sought out further training as doulas, birth assistants, childbirth educators, lactation educators, etc?

    I'm applying to nursing school (as a doula) and I'm looking to hear feedback on how the two roles compliment each other as well as what you have found the reaction to be from potential employers considering you for L&D nursing jobs when they see your doula experience. How have your roles overlapped? What are the surrounding attitudes from coworkers? Do you feel your experience gives you an edge or deepened understanding?
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  3. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I don't have certification as a doula but I have been in the doula role for others at the hospital where I work as an L&D RN. I actually played doula for a friend and then went from that to clocking in shortly after delivery and being her recovery nurse. It was perfect timing. I have no desire to get the certification since I do it for so few people and I do it for free.

    I am also an IBCLC. I don't so anything differently at work with it...just know that I took the step to further my education.
  4. by   SurroDoula
    Well, I'm a doula in nursing school (doing my maternity clinical right now, actually). I have heard it will be helpful, and it really has been in school, but I still have a just over a year left in school, so I haven't entered the job market yet to see if it really does help.
  5. by   1983rn4me
    I am a doula and a Certified Lactation Counselor. I am also starting nursing school in the fall and I expect that my experience as a doula and CLC will come in handy. You have to always be mindful of your role though. If you are acting as a doula, you have to limit yourself to that so that means no cervical exams, etc even if you have been trained. I know many doula's who are RN's and RN's who have become doulas and the skills do overlap a bit. Good luck.