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Any OB triage nurses?

  1. 0 I recently got a job at a clinic doing OB triage and some hands on pt care. I know it's different from a hospital setting but would love to hear any tips you all may have. I'm not a new nurse but I'm new to this speciality. I feel like a deer in head lights!
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    Hi! I just started a job 2 months ago as an ob/gyn telephone triage nurse in a busy office......maybe I could help you? It is MUCH harder than I expected. And it is MUCH DIFFERENT than hospital nursing. You will get a lot of patients calling about lab/Ultrasound results,symptoms/should I see a doctor?, I think I'm in labor, postop/preop questions.......I also see a lot of s/p c/s patients for incision checks, to get their staples out/steri strips removed. You have to be good at assessing wounds in combination with symptoms. We also do OB consults which help a woman understand what is safe during pregnancy/office visit schedule/tests that will be done. As an office/clinic nurse you also are expected to call in rx's/refills into pharmacies for pts. We also fill out lab slips for pts if the provider wants a complete "RUQ panel" or wants you to check for "PIH"......... They don't always give you details either you just have to know that with PIH you need to check HCT/platelets/ALT/AST/bile acids....Things like that. It can be a lot of knowledge that your expected to know. I had previous ob/maternal experience which helped a lot. I'm not sure what your experience is in but, it's much different than hospital nursing.

    As far as tips......I don't really have any. A lot of the learning will be as you go with experience.
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    Thanks for responding! I've been in an office setting before but not in an OBGYN office. I'll keep in my mind what you said!