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  1. 0 Good mornig, i wonder if in this forum there are italian nurses that have moved in the UK looking for work, because my prospectives in Italy are really sad, and i can't stand anymore the narrow-minded ideas that i find in my country, so i hope if there is some kind person that can answer to me of how he has moved for working (i've been gratuadet on november the 13th this year here in Italy) from the "Bel Paese" to the United Kingdom, thank you!
    (Sorry for my bad english, i still have to work a lot on it)
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    Starting point would be meeting NMC requirements. Then you will have to find a job and expect you will need to improve English as interviews will be done and if your English language isn't good you will have problems getting employed. Also be aware many NHS Trusts are struggling with nurses among those being laid off so many nurses looking for work
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    Thank you, i'm seeing for the IELTS which is required for working in anglophones countries, you are or you maybe know italians nurse working in england?
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    I haven't worked in the UK since 2008 when I moved to Canada

    This may be of interest for you when registering in the UK with the NMC

    Evidence of qualifications Italy | Nursing and Midwifery Council
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    Thank you so much, that's very kind of you

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