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    My husband's job may be transferring us to London in a few months and while we wait to see what happens, I'm trying to look into my options now for travel nursing. I have 4 years of ICU experience which I hear is helpful. I've reached out to Continental Travelnurse, Worldwide Travel Staffing, and Premier Healthcare Professionals. Does anyone know of any additional travel agencies that serve the UK that I can get in touch with, or can anyone share their experience with any of these travel agencies (either good or bad). I'd appreciate any advice I can get! Thanks!
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    Better start NMC process before worrying about travel nursing as the process can be very long. I suppose you have leave to work because of your husband's work so that can make things a bit easier. If that is the case also look at what agencies are being used as we don't use the term travel nursing but agency nursing
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    There is pulse nursing agency really good. But you will need nmc before they will look at your suitability for jobs.

    If you would like any info pm me