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psych nurse interview Scotland

  1. 0 Hi!I am a newly qualified psych nurse in Scotland and have an interview for an internship . . Because this is not for a specific job I am wondering if anyone has any advice on what questions they think would come up?
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    Hello and welcome to the site

    I have moved this to the UK forum where we have a few Scottish nurses post.

    Be yourself and try to look up what local issues and policies are
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    Thank you!I have been looking back on previous exam notes for 10 essential shared capabilities and also revising the Milan principles.
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    Remember SAFETY is always the priority in psych !!! With any questions they ask always turn towards safety. Good luck !!!
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    Got it!! my two main questions . . discuss a current policy used within nhs and how to improve safety thank you both of you!
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    you are welcome and good luck

    Don't forget to let us know how it went