1. Please help! I was asked to do a presentation as part of my interview for a band 6 position

    Re: recent mid staffordshire report : identify 3 areas you think will influence your future practice

    Any suggestions is highly appreciated....thank you
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  3. by   XB9S
    have you read the report, what were some of the key findings from it and which do you feel will influence you. If you haven't read it then you need to

    Should be a relatively simple presentation with that topic
  4. by   dune_2005
    Thank s for the reply XB9S!

    I had a quick read on the recent report and picked 3 key points on the recommendations made:

    a)Clearly understood fundamental standards
    b)Openness, transparency and candour throughout the system
    c)Strong patient-centred healthcare leadership
    and decided to elaborate this further in my actual presentation.
    Am I on the right track?
    once again my deepest gratitude to
  5. by   XB9S
    Those are broad areas, how does that impact on practice

    Raising concerns, and listening to others
    Strong clinical leadership
    Caring with dignity and respect
    Clear lines of responsibility and accountability
  6. by   dune_2005
    Cheers XB9S for leading me into the right way !!!

    I hope and pray that I will get the job. Time to climb the career ladder. Been a nurse for 20odd yrs. though not in this country. Good luck to me.

    Many thanks for the help.