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    Just wondered how other UK nurses out there are finding their preceptorship? Have you even got one? Or, like me, do you have a little preceptorship booklet but several months into your first job, haven't been told who your preceptor is?

    I am so ALONE on my ward it is scary. No feedback - at least not of the balanced variety - just getting pulled up when I do something wrong...which is often by the way and I need to get pulled up :-) but my confidence is totally non-existent, I'm scared of being fired after my 6-monthly probation period. I get told by my charge nurse that 'people' are not happy with the way I work but every time I ask for a little feedback from my colleagues all I get is 'Yeah, that was fine, that was fine, that was fine, don't fret'. So WHO IS IT that is feeding back to him (the charge nurse) that I'm not paying attention? He then calls me into the staff office down the corridor and tells me off. But no-one EVER seems to recognise when I'm doing stuff right.

    So now I'm really scared. We have another meeting on Friday...I'm off till then and am spending the whole time shaking. When I started, I had little visions of my preceptor and me meeting every 7-10 days for a cosy little chat and a debrief. But no. Now I DID do something silly last week - no-one got hurt - and I'm absolutely crapping myself.

    Tell me then, how are other newly-qualified nurses finding it?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    They are failing you if they are not providing you with a mentor or preceptor
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    One suggestion if you have a meeting and in a union is take someone from the union with you or rearrange meeting at a suitable day/time where you can have support. There should be a dedicated preceptor that gives you the support you need in transition to a trained member of the staff
  5. by   frazzled1
    Thank you silverdragon...I just joined a union so I don't know if they'll take up my case so soon after joining or not...if of course I need a union rep there :-) Hopefully it won't be that bad.I spent hours yesterday writing in my preceptorship portfolio so if they need to look in it then there'll be something worth reading.I just need much closer supervision than what I've had so far...anything would be good. But I've nothing except the criticising put-downs from the charge nurse...who I'm sure is under huge pressure from other people. Well...keep you posted about tomorrow!
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Doesn't matter how long ago you joined you are entitled once you have joined for support
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Best of luck
  8. by   HollywoodDiva
    Utilize your union, that is what you are paying them for. Charge nurses are there as a resource during your your educator and tell him or her of your dilemma so you get the proper training you need. Best of luck to you.
  9. by   Princessskarletto
    Hiya Frazzled1!!! *waves*

    I would suggest contacting your union. Its so important Newly quailified nurses recieve valuable feed back beacuase at the end of the day you need constructive feedback.
    I woudl ask your manager to sit down with you. Identify a mentor whos shifts you can copy (if you have childcare issues choose someone that is on a similer rota). Ask your mentor to support you. Thats what there therefore. I qualilfied in sept 2007 and went straight onto the bank so no preceptorship for me!!! Its really hard being a newly qualiifed as it is.

    Do you know where your going wrong? however i dont believe any nurse is wrong as we all have different ways of doing things and some nurses prioritse differently. i would try to get a system in place to work in a regulated enviroment. I have a system from the time i step on my ward and most of the time it works (exceptions when a emergancy arises)

    I often make lists and on a sheet of paper whilst doing my drug round i label it say bed 1-8 in a bay and write down what each person needs ie. needs meds ordering, needs MUST updating ect and then that leaves me a list to crack on throughout the day.

    Im very upset to hear your charge nurse constantly tells you off becuase actually thats not very constructive. I woudl expect him to identify the issues that he has witht the way you work so that you can either adapt it or change your system .
    Im really sorry your having a horrid time managers cant see there arse from there elbow sometimes but you deserve to have constructive critisim. Its not rocket science!!! Hope all goes well with your meeting. You can always PM me for advice.
    Could i also suggest a book for you to buy? It was writen by my Tutor at Uni but i found the advice very good.
    Its called: The Newly Qualified Nurses's Survival guide written by Jackie Hole and adapted by Sue Hopkins.

    The Newly Qualified Nurse's Survival Guide: 2: Jackie Hole: Books