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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the years of both being interviewed and interviewing I have built up a stock pile of questions and... Read More

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    I am new to the site but have been qualified for 10yrs.
    I have a 10 minute presentation for a band 6 post on my unit....its an emergency admissions unit.

    my question is "what past skills and experinces would you bring to the role of the Co-ordinator on EMU?"

    also what kind of interveiw questions would be asked? would it be productive ward, risk managment ect?

    many thanks
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    Hi XB9S,
    I have read through this entire thread, and seen your helpful and informative posts throughout. Thank you.
    I am applying for a band 7 post in Critical Care, and have been offered an interview.
    I have a few questions:
    On the nhs jobs website job information, it says there will only be one person on the interview panel - is this normal?
    I don't have to give a presentation, but I don't know how long the interview will be.

    I understand that I should revise change management theories, leadership styles, clinical governance, Govt policies i.e. Francis report, Trust vision statement.

    Can you recommend any further reading?

    I am concerned that my main weakness is in the lack of formal leadership - I'm applying from a critical care outreach background, and have only had 6 months as an ICU sister. Can you suggest any way to combat this weakness?!

    I'd really appreciate any advice you can give.
    Many thanks in advance
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    One person interviewing is extremely unusual, not something I would do

    The Francis report is going to be the key document I think, as for leadership, you may not have been in a leadership position but think of situations that you have taken the lead

    Emergency situations, education, as a positive role model, mentorship and support that's all leadership
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    Thank you. I'm about to get ready. Phew! I have researched the Francis report (or at least the exec summary!).
    I appreciate the encouragement.
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    In case it may be of help to others, some of the questions I was asked were:

    Tell us a bit about yourself, and why you are applying for this post.

    Describe an emergency situation you were involved in, and how you reacted.

    Describe a situation where you made a change to improve patient safety.

    How would your co-workers describe you?

    What would you do if two of your team members were in conflict?
    And if you were unable to defuse the conflict?

    What would you do in this situation? A patient needs to be transferred to our sister hospital (e.g. non-clinical transfer). The relatives are extremely unhappy about this.

    How would you support your team on the busiest of days, when 2 staff have called in sick, and morale is low?

    Many thanks for the support of all on this thread.
    Hope the above helps someone!
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    Oh yes, and one last one:

    If you were successful, what further support and development would you require from us?
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    I wonder if anyone can help. I'm after a speedy answer if anyone can help.

    I ahve a band 6 community nurse interview and alot of people are talking about transition. It's going from a band 5 to a band 6 in the same team.

    How should i answer/be thinking about with this question. scenario question about how to successful transtion from band 5 to band 6 into same team?

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    Hi there. First time poster on here. Could really do with a bit of help on a band 6 presentation question. 'What do you think you may have to do when performance managing someone?'
    In an anticipation xxx
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    Hi XB9S...can I ask some idea please..I will be doing presentation for band 6 interview my topic is...describe the role you will have as a band 6 nurse in shaping the future of itu department ....thank you.
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    Band 6 interviews and presentations you should be thinking along the lines of providing strong clinical leadership to support the unit or ward manager. Look at the Francis report, you should acknowledge this and think about its implications for wider practice.

    What are your organisations core values, most NHS organisations are working in a values based framework, know what this is and reference it in your presentation and interview

    Performance management, think of role model, so setting the example of how a leader should behave. How do you Work with and correct poor performance, informally with support and education and then if that fails thorough a formal process.

    Appraisals are vital to managing performance and there are studies that link poor appraisal compliance in healthcare to mortality rates so have a look at some of that work as well
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    I have a band 6 interview soon and my presentation question is "As a band 6 on the ward, how would I gain assurance of high quality patient care" please can you give me some advice of what I should put in my presentation? I thnk I have an idea of what i want in it, but also Im struggling with how to put it into my presentation as a whole.
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    Quote from pinkladee78
    I have a band 6 interview soon and my presentation question is "As a band 6 on the ward, how would I gain assurance of high quality patient care" please can you give me some advice of what I should put in my presentation? I thnk I have an idea of what i want in it, but also Im struggling with how to put it into my presentation as a whole.
    Think about the quality indicators so pressure sore prevalence, complaints, infection rates, financial position, ward cleanliness compliance with policy, temporary staffing use, sickness rates these are all things that give you an idea of how the ward is doing.

    It'd give you a base to focus and framework your presentation on
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    Hi I wonder if anyone could help me ? I've got an interview for a band 6 next week. I have nearly 30 years of experience as a nurse but have never had the confidence to apply for a band 6. I have to do a 10 minute power point presentation " How does the role of the band 6 clinical sister influence the delivery of excellent patient care ? What qualities would a nurse in this role be required to demonstrate ? It has thrown me,I tend to go blank in interviews and I'm on the verge of pulling out ! I know I can do the job,just not sure I can show it in the interview, It is on the ward I already work on, Thank you in anticipation