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One of the topics that is raised frequently in the UK and International forums is how does an international nurse go about working in the UK. The replies are often negative and in general try to convey how very difficult this... Read More

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    Hi Sharrie. I'm so glad to find your blog. I've been an RN in the US for 20 years. I married a Brit but am still in the US. I've heard you must have a Bachelors to get a license to practice from the NMC so am starting an online RN to BSN program in March. I am worried now about being hired in the UK once I have my license. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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    Hi jane. Jobs are not easy to find in the UK is sone areas but in others you may be lucky. It'll depend on how restricted you are with location and if you mind what speciality you work for. The NMC requirements for registration cam be found on the website and if your doing a BSN you should be fine although they do ask for 1 years experience and you'll need to do the overseas nurses programme.

    To give you an idea of where jobs are search for band 5 nurse on the jobs website for tHe NHS
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    Thanks for the reply Sharrie. I've been trying to figure out what band I might be. My husband's outside Nottingham and the job market seems pretty bleak there. I am a Med/Surg nurse so I suppose that's Adult Health and hopefully there will be lots of sick adults. (just kidding) I've been desperately seeking information on the web without a whole lot of success so really appreciate the help. Jane
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    Jane take a look at these
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    im going to look into international nursing. thanks for the post
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    hi sharrie
    i am a registered nurse in the Philippines and im waiting my decision letter from NMC. Im already here in UK as student taking up HND in health and social care. it is possible, if i will be approved by the NMC, to do my ONP here while im studying in college? it also possible, if i finish my ONP ang got my pin number, to find employer who will sponsor me to convert my student visa into work permit and work as a nurse here? i have part time here as carer. i also heard about BUPA they are giving certificate of sponsorship for nurses trained abroad and succefully finish their ONP.. i hope i will be approved by NMC. wish me luck sharrie.. Thanks.. hey do you know any part time job for health care assistant in hospital? thanks again sharrie.
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    Hi Lime, I think you would find it difficult to study for the ONP and study for your HND. The ONP is going to require you to do some clinical work as part of the program, along with the studying and your HND it will be a great deal of work. I'm not saying it's not possible but I wonder if your setting yourself too difficult a challenge and would risk failing at both. You may also have to check with the borders agency as they will have allowed you a student Visa on the information you provided on the course your studying now, they may not wish to extend that to cover the ONP as well.

    Your second question, IF you complete the ONP then you will still need to fit into one of the shortage occupation catagories to apply for a work permit, it's not just a case of transferring your Visa over. If you've been studying for the HND for the past few years then I am not sure that you would fit the NMC criteria for registration, did you work as a registered nurse before you came on your student Visa?

    I am not sure about BUPA, but again they would only be able to sponsor those applicants who fit into the shortage occupations, so that would be operating department nursing, as I don't think BUPA have Neonatal intensive care units.

    As far as part time jobs go, look at the NHS jobs website, they will all be advertised here

    Just a cautionary note, when I've advertised for health care support workers in the past I always get in excess of 50 applications from UK citizens, I am legally obliged to interview these before overseas applicants therefore I am not sure how much luck your going to get

    I am sorry it all sounds so negative, Good Luck I hope you manage to achieve your dream
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    Hi. I was very pleased to find this blog. Thank you for all of the information that you have provided so far. Here is a little bit about myself:
    I am currently working as a RN, BSN in the US and will have two years experience at the time that I move to the UK (hopefully). I am a circulator/scrub/anesthesia nurse in the operating room (theatre nursing) and do have a wide range of cases and specialties of surgery that I do on a regular basis in a tertiary hospital that regularly runs 26 operating rooms and most of our patients have many comorbities. I also carry a ACLS certification (advanced cardiovascular life support), which of course provides me with the skills needed to administer life saving drugs and defibrillation when needed.
    I am aware that the specialty nursing that I do is on the shortage occupation list for the UK.
    I am also aware of the english proficiency test, the request for NMC application, and then the actual application and paperwork that needs to be sent in. I am also aware of the ONP, which I have already located the University of Bournemouth which I will be attempting to go through to take the course.
    With all of that said, and thank you for reading all of it, I am a little confused about when to apply for a job in the UK.
    Should I wait until I receive my decision letter from the NMC?
    Once I receive the decision letter, how long do I have until I have to take the ONP?
    The University of Bournemouth requires that I take the ONP within two years of receiving my decision letter, however, I am unaware of the NMC requirement.

    Thank you for any information that you may provide as I would like to get this started as soon as possible to be sure it is completed in time but not too soon as to miss any deadlines that may be imposed upon me.
    Kindest regards,
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    Hello Helricha, I hope I can answer some of your questions.

    Should I wait until I receive my decision letter from the NMC?

    Yes the NMC process can take as long as 2 years to complete, although I've not actually been through it my colleagues from overseas tell me that it is an extremely complex process. You will first need to send an administration fee and documents to begin the process. If all is correct you will be sent an application pack and you have 6 months to return this. If you meet the requirements then you will be given a decision letter at which point in order to complete your registration you will need to undertake the ONP.

    Once I receive the decision letter, how long do I have until I have to take the ONP?

    I think it's 2 years, but you should check with the NMC

    The University of Bournemouth requires that I take the ONP within two years of receiving my decision letter, however, I am unaware of the NMC requirement.

    This sounds right, that's what I understand the requirement to be as well.

    As far as when to apply for a job in the UK, unless you are a UK or EU citizen I think your going to need an employer to sponsor your work visa, and if you fit into the shortage occupation list you may well find that some employers would be prepared to support you through the ONP.

    Get your NMC stuff in progress and then investigate a little further, I know many nurses have used agencies to help them and I guess there may be some mileage in looking into this but just be cautious as many of these agencies may well ask for money to do this and I am always suspicious of companies that want money up front without any guarantees.

    Look at the NHS jobs website, there is a link in my first few posts in the blog, it will give you an idea of what jobs are available now and which areas may be looking to recruit from overseas.

    Please keep us posted on how you get on
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    Hi Sharrie, thank you for sharing so much information. I have a couple of questions and hopefully you wouldn't mind answering them. I'm a NZ registered Psychiatric Nurse with over 20 yrs experience ( also have irish citizenship). My question is will I have to complete the ILETS even though English is our first spoken language? Also,are there many jobs in the Mental Heath Sector at the moment? Thanks in advance

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