Discuss the importance of nursing care in bowel obstruction Discuss the importance of nursing care in bowel obstruction | allnurses

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Discuss the importance of nursing care in bowel obstruction

  1. 0 Dear Reader: I am struggling to write an essay (2000 words)about the above title for my " return back to study" course,anybody can give me ideas? I think it should be an evidence based, critical discussion essay, aimed to improve future practice on the nursing care of bowel obstruction.

    I think I need to choose 3 areas to discuss: pain management, fluid balance and psycho/emotional support. But I am not sure how to plan my essay,i mean the structure.

    I was not trained in the UK for my nursing, so never studied in UK Uni. before, this seems too hard for me. The essay deadline is after 2 weeks, please anybody can give me advise or reference. Thanks very much.
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    Some basics, your essay structure you have an introduction, main content then conclusions and recommendations.

    What do you know about bowel obstruction, signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, that could form part of your intro, and that will give you clues to what nursing care is important and how to prioritise. What literature is there on care of bowel obstructions, how can you incorporate it into your essay.