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  1. Hi all,
    I'm hoping for some help/ advice on my interview presentation for a band 6 on CCU entitled "how will you make a difference to the patient during their journey?" im not worried anout the interview been a 6 for a few years butI've never give a presentation before so am nervous about where to start, do I treat it like a teaching session? use aids? I'm thinking they are after holistic care, benchmarking implementing supporting change, but really not sure????? Please help this is the only job that has been advertised in 9 months, so any advice will be great.
    Thanks so much in advance
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  3. by   caleo
    For mine, I have used powerpoint as a presentation tool - minimal, but effective. I also took several copis pf the presentation as a handout to give to them afterwards - my old manager still has my interview handout on my file so it must have been okay. They are usually short - have they given you a time frame? Make sure you stick to the time - no less and no more - and practice well to keep to time.
    I would say you are on the right track for content - think of the differences they would be looking for between and Band 5 and a Band 6 in the way you would make a difference.

    Personally I love presentations, because for that short space of time in the interview, you are confident in what you are saying and what you want to put across to them!

    Good luck!
  4. by   Billemb
    Thanks caleo
    I'm going to do PowerPoint and handouts, glad you think I'm on the right track for content, it's a bt of a broad subject so wasn't sure, again thanks for your help really good to get an opinion, here's hoping for a job in my speciality:-)