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How to take the exam..

  1. 3 I am a RN student. I truly understand how hard it can be, especially on test day. I was a 4.0 student prior to nursing school and had medical expr. Then, BAM! What just happened... I need to pass! One strategy that has really helped me was to take a piece of blank paper. Cover the answers, and read the question, TWICE. Then begin to answer the question in your mind. After you have thought it through, remove the paper and find your answer. It works well on our favorite, SELECT ALL THAT APPLY.
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    I would say to focus on familiarizing yourself with nursing style test questions. That helped me out the most. Nursing books usually have websites with free resources such as chapter tests. You can also ask your classmates that have already taken the class for tips on what to study. There's an endless amount of information for nurses to know, but you have an entire career/lifetime to build on that, focus on the basics and the test questions for school. I made a drug study guide that can help you on that aspect. Its called NCLEX Drug Study Guide. Its free, search for it on facebook, app stores, or App | NCLEX Study Guide - Best place to Study for the NCLEX.
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    Thanks for sharing much appreciated.
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    Nursing school, it's where straight A students pray for C's.