writing care plan for dying patient...HELP!

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    I'm lost! I need help with writing Nursing Diagnoses / Goals / & Interventions for my patient who is dying and on "Comfort Care" measures. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm clueless on this one!!!

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    Give us assessment data that you have, what are they dying of? you can always use hopelessness, powerless, anxiety, pain, We need more info to help you.
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    Lots of people are dying and are on Comfort Care measures. A care plan is about determining the patient's nursing problems and strategies to solve them. It starts with doing an assessment of the patient. List your assessment data please and I don't mean their medical diagnoses. What did you observe about this person? What did you see and notice when you were caring for them?
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    Hi, Daytonite
    I have been reading your post for almost a year now, and you have wonderful information and advice.
    I know that this post was created several months ago, but I am experiencing this problem at the moment.
    I had a patient this week that was admitted to the hospital after having a stroke. After my assessment on my patient I found him to be unresponsive, with irregular breathing (labored) with periods of apnea ( 30 sec). The patient had thick oral secretions in the back of his throat. These were his vitals at the time- temp (104.4), bp ( 65/34), pulse (106), resp(12) O2 (77). The patient had a previous stroke about 6 years ago (2001) which left him with left side paralysis. This second stroke was an ischemic stroke caused by a clot in the carotid artery (left)that extended into the middle cerebral artery .Thid patient was a DNR. Any help with this careplan is greatly appreciated! Sonya ( nursing student)