writing care plan for dying patient...HELP!

  1. I'm lost! I need help with writing Nursing Diagnoses / Goals / & Interventions for my patient who is dying and on "Comfort Care" measures. PLEASE HELP!!! I'm clueless on this one!!!

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  3. by   waitingforthedream
    Give us assessment data that you have, what are they dying of? you can always use hopelessness, powerless, anxiety, pain, We need more info to help you.
  4. by   Daytonite
    Lots of people are dying and are on Comfort Care measures. A care plan is about determining the patient's nursing problems and strategies to solve them. It starts with doing an assessment of the patient. List your assessment data please and I don't mean their medical diagnoses. What did you observe about this person? What did you see and notice when you were caring for them?
  5. by   sonya1brooks
    Hi, Daytonite
    I have been reading your post for almost a year now, and you have wonderful information and advice.
    I know that this post was created several months ago, but I am experiencing this problem at the moment.
    I had a patient this week that was admitted to the hospital after having a stroke. After my assessment on my patient I found him to be unresponsive, with irregular breathing (labored) with periods of apnea ( 30 sec). The patient had thick oral secretions in the back of his throat. These were his vitals at the time- temp (104.4), bp ( 65/34), pulse (106), resp(12) O2 (77). The patient had a previous stroke about 6 years ago (2001) which left him with left side paralysis. This second stroke was an ischemic stroke caused by a clot in the carotid artery (left)that extended into the middle cerebral artery .Thid patient was a DNR. Any help with this careplan is greatly appreciated! Sonya ( nursing student)