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Hi. I have to do a group presentation on aneurysm and was assigned to do the pathological effects on aneurysm. I searched what it means but I'm not sure I'm understanding it. Does it mean, "what... Read More

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    .... and what else is downstream of the abdominal aorta?

    Do you know what "mass effect" means?

    As to impaired blood flow to the places you mention, what, specifically, would be the effects? How would a nurse assess them?

    Hmm it can cut off blood sipply to the LE, causing paralysis or possibly gang grene since the cells are dying from no oxygen and blood supply.

    Mass effect means it causes another problem. One problem (aneurysm) causes other problems (decreased blood supply, or pushing on a nerve or trachea for example)
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    Pathology is the study of sickness; kind of a general concept. I am guessing they're asking you for pathological consequences of this disorder; in other words, what could happen? how serious is it? How likely is it? What would make these possibilities more likely, more dangerous? For instance, is this patient on anticoagulants? Lastly, how would you apply the nursing process to all this? What would you assess for, and how? How would you know if your findings are normal or not? Nursing diagnoses? Interventions? And all the holistic factors which affect all of this... culture, cognitition, sensory deficits, socioeconomic status and its effects, etc. This is a quick and dirty summary of what nurses are expected to know, do, prevent, etc. Hope it helps.

    Im just having trouble on how to start off on my part. My peers in my group have done the definition of aneurysm, and other terms within it, what causes them, s/sx, and then I have the pathological slide, and then another peer has treatment right after mine.

    i don't want to repeat what the previous slides stated, I don't think the audience wants to hear it again.

    so how can I start my slide off? I have information I need for my part, like which aneurysm are located in the body and how they can affect the patient if it grows bigger or if it ruptures.

    Indont want to take all of my peers slide and put it onto mine briefly. I just need help in focusing on my part specifically and not too long so that it doesn't bore the audience.
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    Mass effect is the mechanical effect of a mass. For example, if you have a big benign tumor inside your chest, what effect does if have on your lungs' ability to do their job? If you have a big abscess near your esophagus, how does that affect your ability to swallow?

    If you have a growing aneurysm inside your head then ....

    You know an aneurysm dissects the layers of an artery, right? So if you have other, smaller arteries going off the one with an aneurysm developing, what happens to their blood supply? Suppose they're spinal perforators? Or the mesenteric artery? What are the effects from those being disrupted?

    You probably know that atrial fibrillation puts a patient at risk for emboli, because the blood just kind of sits in the non-contracting atrium and can develop clots. What do you think might happen if there's blood pooling in an aneurysm?

    When an aneurysm ruptures, what might the patient experience? Does it depend on where the aneurysm is? What might the nurse observe, depending on where it is?