What are the differences between the 4 Levels of Nursing Theory

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    Okay, so I'm supposed to read this PDF file for a class as an intro to nursing theory. And I'm not really getting past the arcane jargon here.

    So for instance, it lists 4 levels of nursing theory:

    1) Metatheory
    2) Grand Nursing Theory
    3) Middle-Range Theory
    4) Practice Theory

    The written definitions here look like gobbledygook
    Can someone explain the differences between these 4 levels, in layman's terms?

    (Btw, Wikipedia is down due to the SOPA protests)
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    tell you what, you give us the definitions they gave you and we'll help you make sense of them. might also help you with more jargon down the road... there's a lot of jargon in any profession, and nursing is not different from, oh, architecture in that regard.