1. ok i know that vapotherm is 5-40 l/min via nasal cannula along with nearly 100% humidity delivered at body temperature. but that's basically all i can find out.. it's not in my book. i have a pt that is on this with acute bronchiolitis.. so is vapotherm high or low flow? i have found things ont hte internet that say both so i am very confused. what would be the next step up from vapotherm if his condition worsens? what's so special about vapotherm other than the humidity part? thanks!
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I googled "vapotherm" and tracked down this resource:

    I have not used this device personally, but I think it is used in Level 3 NICUs.
  4. by   sunnysideup09
    Vapotherm is high flow. Here is an article you may find beneficial.

    I've used Vapotherm in the past...depending on the severity for what is next depends on the facility - some may use CPAP or may go ahead and intubate. Vapotherm was taken off the market a while back for its use in neonates due to Pseudomonas infections related to the cartridge and is now starting to be used again.