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We have this assignment where we have to have a ten minute long conversation with a patient. We then go back, write as much down, word for word as we can remember in columns. One column for the patient's words, one column for our... Read More

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    "So, how's that working out for you?" Doesn't give the patient a chance to express concerns. It leads to a single word answer. It doesn't help the nurse explore the patients needs and fears or if the patient has insight to their disease or needs within the limitations of their disease.

    I wish you well sounds much nicer that .....So, how's that working out for you....

    Patients have plenty of well wishers. They need their nurses to be advocators and teachers.
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    It's a cliche' type sentence which for us falls under non-therapeutic and as cliche'. But since you don't have a specific one that says that I'd say it goes with sterotyped response.
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    Thanks for the input all. I think it makes more sense.
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